1/9/18   Boys Varsity basketball vs Laurens.,
12/15/17   Boys Varsity basketball vs Richfield Springs Indians.,
12/8/17   Boys Varsity basketball vs Milford Wildcats.,
12/5/17   Girls Varsity basketball vs Sharon Springs Spartans.,
12/1/17   Boys Varsity basketball vs Stamford Indians,
11/28/17   Boys Varsity basketball vs Brookfield Beavers.,
5/30/17   West Burlington celebrates the 2017 Memorial Day.,
2/8/17   Boys Varsity Basketball vs Franklin purple devils.,
2/4/17   Boys Varsity Basketball vs CVS Patriots.,
2/4/17   3rd-4th grade Boys Basketball vs Cherry Valley,
2/1/17   Boys Varsity Basketball vs Sharon Springs,
1/28/17   5th & 6th Grade Boys Basketball vs Richfield Springs,
1/21/17   3rd & 4th Grade plus 5th & 6th Grade Boys Basketball,
1/20/17   Girls Varsity Basketball vs GMU Raiders.,
1/18/17   Boys Varsity Basketball vs Unadilla Valley Storm.,
1/14/17   3rd & 4th grade boys vs Richfield Springs.,
1/13/17   Boys Varsity Basketball vs Franklin.,
12/21/16   Girls Varsity Basketball vs Richfield Springs.,
12/19/16   Boys Varsity Basketball vs Morris.,
12/9/16   Girls Varsity Basketball vs Worcester.,
12/6/16   Boys Varsity Basketball vs Schenevus.,
12/5/16   Boys Varsity Basketball vs South Kortright.,
11/21/16   the Snow White Variety Show,
10/2/16   Spooks and goblin's night at ECS,
9/18/16   Riding Along to a Late Model race with Bret Belden,
9/27/16   Girls Varsity Soccer vs CVS,
9/24/16   Soccer Saturday-Mod Boys-Mod Girls-Boys Varsity,
9/20/16   Boys Varsity Soccer vs Laurens,
9/14/16   Boys Varsity Soccer vs Schenevus,
9/12/16   Girls Varsity Soccer vs GMU,
9/9/16   Boys Varsity Soccer vs Worcester,
9/6/16   Girls Varsity Soccer vs Morris,
8/31/16   Boys Varsity Soccer vs Cooperstown,
4/16/16   Edmeston Baseball 4/15 & 4/16
4/2/16   ECS MUSIC ASSOC presents "Little Shop of Horrors"
2/19/16   Boys Basketball Sectionals vs Laurens
2/16/16   Boys Basketball Sectionals vs Morris
2/10/16   Boys Modified Basketball vs GMU
2/6/16   Girls Modified Basketball vs Milford
2/6/16   3rd & 4th grade boys vs Morris
2/3/16   Boys Varsity Basketball vs Laurens
1/30/16   3rd & 4th grade boys vs Richfield Springs
1/25/16   Boys Modified and JV Basketball vs Sharon Springs
1/22/16   Boys Varsity Basketball vs Richfield Springs
1/16/16   3rd & 4th grade boys vs Richfield Springs
1/15/16   Girls Varsity Basketball vs Sharon Springs
1/14/16   Boys Modified Basketball vs Laurens.
1/5/16   Boys Varsity Basketball vs GMU.
1/4/16   Boys Varsity Basketball vs Worcester.
1/2/16   3rd & 4th Grade Boys vs Morris.
12/18/15   Girls Varsity vs CVS-Boys Mod vs Morris.
12/15/15   Boys Varsity Basketball vs Milford.
12/11/15   Girls Varsity Basketball vs Schenevus.
12/8/15   Boys Varsity Basketball vs Worcester.
12/7/15   Burlington Flats home gets a re-build.
11/30/15   Boys Varsity Basketball vs Brookfield.
11/24/15   Boys Varsity Basketball vs Oneonta.
11/22/15   Headed for a new life.
11/7/15   Otsego Dance has come to town.
10/31/15   Terror in the Valley as spooks and goblins desend on ECS
10/20/15   Varsity, Modified and Youth Soccer
10/7/15   Boys Modified Soccer vs Sharon Springs
10/5/15   Boys Modified Soccer vs CVS
9/26/15   Kids Soccer on WV Soccer Day
9/26/15   Soccer Day In The Wharton Valley
9/22/15   Girls Modified Soccer vs Richfield Springs.
9/18/15   Boys Varsity Soccer vs Charry Valley Springfield.
9/15/15   Boys Varsity Soccer vs Sherburne-Earlville.
9/14/15   Girls Varsity Soccer vs Worcester.
9/12/15   Saturday Morning Soccer.
9/11/15   Boys Varsity Soccer vs Sharon Springs.
9/4/15   Boys Varsity Soccer vs Richfield Springs.
9/1/15   Girls Varsity Soccer vs Schenevus.
8/31/15   Boys Varsity Soccer vs Downsville.
8/6/15   Little League All Star images.
7/12/15   Friends and Family Reunion.
5/28/15   Girls Varsity Softball vs Afton.
5/25/15   Celebrating Memorial Day in Burlington Flats.
5/16/15   Founders Day in Burlington Flats.
5/8/15   Girls Varsity Softball Photos.
5/2/15   2015 Junior Prom.
4/26/15   Pine Box Derby Races.
4/19/15   Valley Racers on Utica-Rome's opening night.
4/15/15   Girls Varsity Softball vs Laurens.
4/14/15   ECS Track Meet with Richfield Spr & Andes.
4/13/15   Boys Varsity Baseball vs Davenport.
3/21/15   ECS Music Association Presents "BIG RIVER".
3/20/15   Spring's here!
3/14/15   Just a Good Time.
2/26/15   Boys Varsity Basketball vs Deposit.
2/6/15   Boys Varsity Basketball vs Franklin.
2/4/15   Boys Varsity Basketball vs Laurens.
1/31/15   Saturday Morning Basketball.
1/23/15   Girls Varsity Basketball vs Morris.
1/20/15   Boys Varsity Basketball vs Milford.
1/14/15   Boys Varsity Basketball vs Worcester.
1/10/15   Saturday Morning Basketball.
1/6/15   Boys Varsity Basketball vs Richfield Springs.
12/13/14   Saturday Morning Basketball.
12/12/14   Girls Varsity Basketball vs Laurens.
11/29/14   A tractor trailer mowed down our stop sign, again.
11/8/14   Class of 2015 presents "Hapazardly Ever After".
10/31/14   Spooks, Goblins and Gouls.
9/20/14   SaturdayMorning Soccer.
8/23/14   Unidilla Motocross photo by Rick Graham.
5/26/14   Burlington Flats Memorial Day Parade.
4/5/14    ECS Music Assoc Presents
1/11/14   Saturday Basketball (kids & modified)
12/18/13   West Burlington Barn fire
9/28/13   Saturday Morning Soccer
9/20/13   Virgil's Auction
9/2/13   Myron Dauchy's stockcar
5/27/13   BURLINGTON FLATS Memorial Day Parade photos.
4/27/13   Kids baseball starts.
4/14/13   FOUNDERS DAY.
1/12/13   Learning the basics
11/09/12   Mary Lou Dauchy's Memorial Day photos.
11/01/12   Spooks and goblins raid the Valley.
10/8/12   8 pointer with polished horns.
6/4/12   BURLINGTON FLATS Memorial Day photos page 2.
5/30/12   BURLINGTON FLATS Memorial Day Parade photos.
10/31/11   Spooks Goblins and Ghosts
3/24/09   Local postcards.